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Fix “Cannot Record” Error in Canon DC10-DC20

Canon camera brand is one of the most pouplar camera brand and canon camera models are one of the widely used camera models. Canon DC10/ DC20 camera models are one of the best camera models from the company. These portable camcorders are easy to carry and providesuperb handling and excellent video recording experience. The video recorded by the camcorders are stored in the DVD or a in SD or MM card port. These storge media easily gets corrupted resulting in inaccessibilty of stored video files. And result in error message , and one of such error is “Cannot Record” Error in Canon DC10-DC20 that resticts users to record ne videos and also leads to data loss situaytions.

Consider a weird situation in which you have recorded a video from your Canon camcorder but the camcorder awitched because of enpties batteries. And after a while when you restaated the device and try to record video from it, following error messages appears:

“Cannot record”

The error result in a situation in which the data stored in the storage media get inaccessible and error also prevents usrers from recording further videos from it.

The main cause of the above error message is corruption of the storage mdia because of many reasons including interruption while read or writte process is going on ,recording videos when the camera batteries are almost empty, damage of file system, malware infection in the system etc.


In order to fix “Cannot Record” Error in Canon DC10-DC20 you need to reformat the memory card but reformatting the card will result in loss of important data saved on it. In this case you can recover the lost data from the updated backup but in the case backup of data is not available you need to use a third party software to get back your lost data. Memory card recovery software is efficient software that recovers lost data in almost all data loss situations.