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Fix “ Memory card Parameter Error” in SDHC card

Digital Cameras, Camcorder and many other devices uses memory cards to store data in it and provides space to the users for storing files and folders. The use of memory card has made it easy and more convenient to store and exchange digital data. Today there are wide range of memory cards available in the market and different digicams are compatible with variety of cards including SD, SDHC, CF, XD, MMC, Micro SD and Macro SD cards etc. Though these are considered to be a reliable data storage medium but these memory cards are vulnerable to get corrupted or damaged resulting in memory card error messages.One of such error is “Memory card parameter error”. This error results in inaccessibility of data stored in the memory card. Fix “Memory Card Parameter Error” to access data stored in the memory card.

Take a practical example, in which you are reinserting SDHC card in your digital camera and the camera is unable to read the card and gives the following error message:

“ Memory card Error. Memory card parameter Error”

The error results in complete in accessibility of the data stored in it. Fix “Memory card parameter Error” immediately as it restricts you to click more pictures from your camera.

Possible reason for the memory card parameter error message may be that file system of the card has been corrupted that has resulted in accessibility of the data stored in it.

You may try following methods to resolve the solution:

  1. Try reinserting the card after cleaning the surface of the card.
  2. Use a card reader to access data stored on the SDHC card.
  3. If the error still persists than reformat memory card used in the camera.

Reformatting the card will resolve the issue but formatting the memory card will erase all the pictures and videos stored on it. In this case lost data can be restored from updated backup . But in the case backup of data is not available you need tr recover lost data using a third party application software. Memory card recovery is an efficient and reliable software that recovers data lost from corrupted, damaged or formatted memory card in almost all data loss conditions.